A Montana Cowgirl’s Wedding

This classically beautiful country wedding was filled with cheery giggles from beginning to end – we absolutely loved it! The guests were greeted on the outskirts of the bride’s Montana family ranch by hand-painted wooden signs that pointed off the dusty dirt road towards a grassy clearing for the ceremony. The cowgirl bride, Skiles, mixed her bubbly personality into the wedding’s elegant rustic theme with a short-hemmed vintage dress and – at the last minute – surprising us all by switching out classic heels for her favorite cowgirl boots! After the ceremony Skiles also passed around fun, quirky hats she had hand-crocheted for each of her guests while everyone ate a delicious meal of traditional bbq beef and steaks. Hats on, with firecrackers in hand, the cheerful crowd danced and laughed the rest of the night away.

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